E-Z Hay Feeder

In 1994 when it came time to bring my herd of 20 plus horses in from the pasture to the barn for winter feeding, I started thinking of all the trips I would be making throughout the long cold North Idaho winter to feed. It didn't take long to come up with a feeder design that takes only about 15 minutes once every 10 days to feed each 10 head.

There are so many benefits to this system that I thought other ranchers might be interested in the freedom and savings this feeder offers. We save about 30 to 40 percent in our hay cost from loss and overeating as with regular round bale feeders. The savings on labor alone to feed is great!   The only thing that needs clean up is the manure they create, and that so far can't be helped.  Any type of hay is suitable for these feeders including round bales, large or small square bales, and even loose hay!

The original feeders that were first built were to feed Icelandic Horses.  These feeders can be used for ponies, standard sized horses, llamas, alpacas, hornless cattle, etc.  *WARNING-THIS FEEDER IS NOT FOR HORNED ANIMALS.  ALLOWING HORNED ANIMALS TO FEED FROM THESE FEEDERS  MAY CAUSE SEVERE INJURY OR DEATH*  E-Z HAY FEEDERS AND/OR CURTIS ICELANDIC HORSE RANCH IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INJURY OR DEATH OF ANY ANIMAL THAT HAS ACCESS TO THESE FEEDERS.  Up to 12 can feed from one feeder as long as they get along well in a group. The feeder can also be placed in a way as to serve several fields or corrals at a time. You can also put many in 1 field and have them all controlled with one timer.

I started with 2 feeders in 1994 and at our peak had 5 to do my feeding, that gave me lots of time to think of other things I can be doing with the free time and savings my feeders have given me.

All parts and components used in the control have UL, ULC or CSA safety certficates. The curtain is PVC material. The electrical wire, 14 gauge inside 3/4" black PVC pipe, should be buried deep enough as not to have it damaged. Just plug the wire into a 120 volt  AC outlet. The unit only draws 3 amps of power each time it moves or about 1 KW per month.

The only change from a regular round bale feeder is that the feed and time of feeding is controlled. That's more time for other things, less labor costs, no waste, healthy and fit horses for spring and a very low operating cost. Any style of bales or loose hay can be used in the feeder. All tie strings must be removed after loading.

I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect from the "E-Z HAY FEEDER" and what they can do for you.

Standard Features

  • Save up to 40% hay cost with no waste
  • Requires very little labor and is powered by a standard 120 volt AC power source
  • PVC skirt will not injure animals
  • One feeder will feed up to 12 animals
  • Your choice of feeding time and duration (30 minute increments)
  • Electric wire around top to prevent top feeding
  • Each feeder is a standard sized feeder (8 ft. radius, standard height)

Before E-Z Hay Feeder
After E-Z Hay Feeder
Each feeder is $2395.00
(A 10% non-refundable deposit is required, allow 6-8 weeks for completion).
Shipping must be arranged and paid for by customer.
U.S. Patent #5,582,131
Please call or email for more information!

Curtis Icelandic Horse Ranch
E-Z Hay Feeders
4332 Bandy Road
Priest River, ID 83856 USA
(208) 263-0334
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